5 Ways to Prep for Disaster Without Family Support

I am very fortunate that my family sees the importance in prepping for a disaster. Most recently Hurricane Mathew approached Florida and, as I am writing this, has still not made landfall, Even so, the stores have been stripped bare by anxious, last-minute “preppers”. That’s why we want to share these 5 Ways to Prep for Disaster Without Family Support.

You should never wait until the last minute to prep for a disaster. The truth is that most of the population will experience some period of time when they will have a need for extra supplies and emergency items. One hurdle and sometimes even a strong deterrent to an individual preparing for an emergency is the lack of support one has from his or her family.

Some family members may see prepping as a psychological imbalance in the person seeking to be prepared for some unknown, nonexistent danger. They simply do not have the understanding of what waiting for the last minute to hit the grocery and hardware stores would consist of. Most certainly waiting until the last minute, when the storm is at your doorstep, to prep will limit your ability to gain and store provisions in adequate quantities to survive the disaster. It could also be dangerous as many people at that point will be desperate to saves themselves and their family as well.

Here are 5 Ways to Prep for Disaster Without Family Support.

  • Education: Take the time to explain to your family the rewards of being well stocked in survival gear and emergency preparedness items and the consequences of not being prepared adequately. Take time to explain the possible dangers of what they might face when going into a situation to purchase greatly needed items where other desperate shoppers will be.
  • Start Small: You don’t have to bring a moving van full of items home all at once. Take your time. Bring home small quantities of survival and emergency goods. We recommend that you find a secure place away from your everyday household supplies to store your cache so that they are not used up by family members who don’t have the same mindset as you.
  • Get Sneaky: There is nothing wrong with prepping in private. This is one secret that’s okay to keep from your family. You are doing it for their survival and safety. When the time comes they will thank you for it.
  • Make a game of it: While the matter of prepping is extremely serious, you can try making a game of it. Go to the store with your family and ask them to go gather five items that they feel would be important to have if they woke up tomorrow and found themselves in the middle of a full-blown zombie apocalypse. You will be amazed at what they will return with. It can be a lot of fun.
  • Assign Sections: Like I said before I have had the good fortune to have a family that understands the importance of prepping, but if you don’t try assigning sections. One family member can be in charge of communication; making sure that there are two-way batteries, two-way radios, signaling mirrors, flares and flare guns, whistles and so on. Another could be responsible for collecting food stuffs with a long shelf life and water, and water filters. Another family member could be in charge of overseeing the bug out bags, another member could be in charge of making sure all the supplies are rotated and changed out when they expire. You get the idea.

If you have a good idea, we would love to hear it. Please leave your comments in the comment field below. Happy Prepping!

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