Desert Camping Tips: How to camp in the desert

Most people picture camping as taking place in forests, by lakes, on mountains and other such places. But, camping in the desert is also an option. It can be a fantastic experience if you know what you are doing. And it is important to know what you are doing in this environment.

You need to let your friends or family know you are going desert camping. Let them know where you are going camping, when you are going and your expected date of return. This is of the utmost importance. It is is much harder to survive in the desert if you get lost than it is in a more temperate environment, even if you have had survival training. Your number one concern is safety. Take as much water as you can with you. Take an extra one, two or more days of water with you than you think you’ll need, you’ll probably end up drinking more water than you thought.

Watch out for scorpions and snakes. Also, keep a shovel at hand, it is one of the easiest ways to kill a snake if you have to. Scorpions and snakes are normally not a problem, but it is best to be prepared all the same. They both can be deadly animals if they attack. They normally won’t bother with you unless you invade their territory, so check out your intended camping area before setting up your camp.

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Look for a spot that has some shade. In case you can’t find a spot with enough shade, bring a long a canopy. Sand can be an issue, especially when the wind get up, it gets into everything and is unpleasant. So pick a spot without much sand. Even in the desert there are a lot of creeks, so look for a spot close to one. Test where you are going to camp for rocks. You don’t want to find you have decided on spot where it is basically rocks with a thin covering. Its hard to sleep on , and makes it almost impossible to get your tent stakes into the ground

There is nothing else like the desert. It can get very hot during the summer, so it is best to avoid this time. But, many people are surprised how cold it can get during the night, so be sure to pack plenty of layers. During the day to protect your skin, consider wearing long sleeve shirts and pants made from lightweight and breathable material.  Also use a lot on sunscreen when out in the desert. Be sure to stay well hydrated by drinking plenty of water or you’ll get tired out from the sun especially when you are desert hiking.

There are plenty of fascinating rewards for those who are prepared for the hardships of desert camping. At first look the desert looks a desolate place, but it has many different delights to behold You can see beautiful and unusual plant and animal life. Some cacti are protected by law. So, don’t ever drink from one. If you chose the wrong one you could end up in trouble with law. The saguaro cactus is one you definitely don’t want to interfere with. You can see some rare reptiles out in the desert.

There is plenty of beauty to be seen in the desert when you look out for it, just as there is in the more usual camping spots.

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