How to workout while camping

Camping presents many opportunities to work on your fitness in an enjoyable way when you know how to workout while camping. Camping can give us the time to focus our fitness and health, that otherwise we might overlook. In our daily lives there are many different distractions and demands on our time that reduce our exercise time to the walk from the car to our place of walk, and diet consists of junk food eaten on the move. This all makes it very difficult to make time to exercise and it may giving up something important making us resent the time spent exercising. Going camping can be an ideal time to focus on our fitness.

There are a lot different ways that camping help improve your level of fitness when you know how to workout while camping. You can wake up with the sun and start the day off doing some meditation or yoga. There’s no need for those nature soundtracks as you are already there. Hiking fitness is an obvious exercising activity while camping. Experiencing the beauty of the outdoor and all that fresh air will make you forget that you are exercising at the same time. Choose a camping location that is near a hiking trail that is right for your current level of fitness. Take plenty of water with you, so you don’t become dehydrated on your hike. Be sure to go with someone so you don’t wander off on your own. This will help to ensure you have an added degree of safety. Also, it is good idea to find a trail that includes a lake or some other body of water that is safe to go swimming in.

How to workout while camping
How to workout while camping

A nice refreshing swim is a nice way to relax after your hike and also provides more exercise. You can also sit next to the water and just relax. I find sitting next to water can be incredibly relaxing on a warm summer’s day. The noise of water is very soothing. Other things you can try out when outdoors is caving or rock climbing. You are going to need the right equipment and be sure to go with someone who is experienced in these activities. It can be very dangerous to try this on your own or without someone who knows what they are doing. If you can get a  group together that wants to go on a fitness camp, you have fun putting together various activities with obstacle courses and different games.

You can also improve the food you normally eat. It can be much fresher than you usually typically get You can catch your meals by going fishing. Fishing is fun, and you’ll be eating much better food than the hot dogs you get at home. If you really want to go wild you can learn to get your food from the provision of nature. If you don’t want to do that, but want to eat healthier be sure to only take healthy foods with you.  In this way there won’t be any temptation to eat junk foods.

You’ll need to get the right licenses if you intend to hunt or fish. Plus be sure familiarize yourself with the regulations for the area you are in.

Camping can be a great opportunity to live off the land but make sure you only eat things you can identify. You want to be sure you know what you are eating. You need to watch out because some of the mushrooms, berries and other plants are poisonous and can be deadly.

In summary camping is a great way to improve your fitness levels if you plan properly and take the right workout while camping. There are plenty of fun activities you can do when camping that keep you on the move, so you improve your fitness while playing. If you take healthy food with you or live off the land you can get double the benefit with a healthy and fun camping experience.

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